Renata's Story

Renata's Story

Modern Magic, Ancient Tradition.

Who is Renata? It’s hard to say. She was something of a legend in the Arizona of our youth, but the reality is probably long-lost to myth and supposition. Our mothers would tell us stories of a bold and daring, pioneer spirit; a woman who defied expectation and challenged tradition, choosing to travel alone, exploring the world around her and marveling at its natural wonders.

Her legacy wandered far and wide, but one clear fact that no one forgets is that Renata was the first of us to discover and harness the power of the ultimate chili – the Arizona chiltepin pepper; all wrapped in crimson with notes of smoke, cinnamon and citrus before the lightning bolt hits. Renata passed down this gift to the generations before us, teaching them how to master its fire with skill and subtlety.

Naming the restaurant after Renata is offering respect to our roots. The name Renata means ‘born again’ and this reincarnation is a thank you to the bold and creative women who lived vibrantly beyond the rules. Her face is the face of every strong and incredible woman who has gone before. They live on in the spices and heat, the smoke and the lime, and the careful thoughtfulness with which we delight to serve our guests.

So, here’s to Renata. Please join us in a toast to this wonderful myth; to the joy of sharing great food and stirring warmth into our hearts. For teaching us how to blend generations of tradition into glorious flavors and wonderfully good times.

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